EINE woman presents Natasha Ndlovu

Natasha Ndlovu is a model, fashion blogger, vlogger and accessories designer. Her website Bisous Natasha sees thousands of readers all over the world, but she wants to take her brand even further and create her own global empire. Wearing the EINE Jumpsuit, she talked to founder Petra Metzger, at The Hospital Club, about her independence, empowerment for women and how social media has helped her carve out her own unique career.

Petra: What does empowerment for women mean to you?

Natasha: It’s about having an environment that allows you to be who you are. Woman still have so many restrictions. Independence isn’t always seen as a good thing. Then we’re told that we’re too independent.
You can be the most confident and successful woman in the world but for some it’s still not enough. It would be wonderful if women were allowed to just be and not have to go the extra mile.

Petra: Do you think women need more support?

Natasha: Women need support from one another. We fight amongst ourselves and that doesn’t help us. For women to be empowered we need to create our own support system.

Petra: Where do you see your profession developing? 

Natasha: I’ve been blogging for three years now, but the future is definitely with video. My YouTube channel is personal and relaxed. It’s like my own TV channel.

Petra: What are your personal goals for the future and what would you like to invite into your life?

Natasha: I would definitely love to turn my online business into a physical space. I’m inspired by people like Miroslava Duma and I’m really interested in the business of fashion. I guess I really want my own digital empire.

Petra: What does your job involve on a day-to-day basis?

Natasha: Some days I’m shooting and some days I’m just writing. It’s always a bit of a mix. I’m opening a shop and curating my personal style into something people can actually physically own.

Petra: How was the shop born?

Natasha: When I was at university I’d go back to South Africa and get some really cool things to sell to earn extra money. A lot of successful bloggers are turning themselves into brands this way. You can’t just be blogger now.

Petra: There are some beautiful pieces and your personal style brings this across. Do you spend time designing the items and bringing them to life?

Natasha: I only know the basics on a sewing machine and I want to make precious items that will last a long time so I’m researching places to get things made professionally. This means that I can focus on shooting the products and getting them out there on social media.

Petra: What is Fashion Week like for you?

Natasha: In the beginning you want to go see every single show but now I only go and see the ones I really care about. Everything is streamed online now but it’s a chance to meet people face to face. Fashion week isn’t about the shows for me it’s like a big job interview.

Petra: How do you relax after traveling a lot and what’s your way to recharge? 

Natasha: I like to take a bath and order food. If I’m in London I like to go for sushi at Atariya.

Petra: Do you have a relaxing wardrobe?  

Natasha: I really love cami slip dresses and layering. I like to keep it simple, even when I have to glam up.

Petra: How would your friends describe you as a person?

Natasha: I’m creative but I’m also very independent. I tend to do a lot of things on my own.

Petra: What are your other passions in your life?

Natasha: I love travelling and learning different languages. I always want to see more of the world. When I travel it’s always tied into work, sometimes I’d like to just experience a country.

Petra: So you spend a lot of time in hotels, what are you looking out for when you go to a hotel? 

Natasha: Wifi, of course. I’m often given specific assignments by a brand when I’m away and the hotel becomes like a mobile office in a sense. I need good light and lots of space where I can work.

Petra: You studied fine art and history, how was the path from the original study to what you do now? 

Natasha: I studied in Canada but while I was modeling I interned at different art galleries in New York. This was when I began reading blogs - it became a way for me to kill time between castings. Then I started my own as a way to express myself.

As much as I love fine art I’ve always wanted to go down the fashion route. Fine art seemed more sensible but eventually things came full circle. 

Petra: What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers and models?

Natasha: With blogging I control the way I’m represented. When you model your life is very dependent on people’s opinions of you.

You also have to be disciplined and structured. You need to hone your voice and make sure what you’re putting out there is unique. Do it because you’re passionate, not to get famous.

Petra: How did blogging help you as a model?

Natasha: Model agencies weren’t taking me because I’m not tall enough (I actually approached my agency Star Models three times!) Then I started to really focus on my blog and that’s how I became known.

Modeling isn’t an end goal in life, it gives you opportunities to do other things you’re passionate about. 

Petra: It’s changed from years ago when models used to just be the look and now it is important for you have a personality.

Natasha: With Instagram you can get discovered quickly. You’re in charge of putting yourself out there but it’s hard work and people only see the end result.

Petra: You said you are passionate about wanting to voice something else in your blog?

Natasha: I want my blog to be about more than just fashion. It’s not just a dress, there’s more to it. There’s much more to women than our bodies and what we wear.

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Photography: Paulo Ricca — Artist Media Agency
Art Direction: Nickque Patterson
Make-up: Elizabeth Arboleda