EINE woman presents Anne Lovett

Our head designer, Petra Metzger, met with French pianist and composer, the wonderful Anne Lovett , at her home in Chelsea to talk life, love, and what makes her tick.

Petra: So, let’s cut straight to the chase - for those of us who may not have heard of you before, (shame on us) what are you best known for?

Anne: Haha, Formula 1! (Winks) I wish. I am a pianist composer.

Petra: (Laughs) Oh, how so?

Anne: I love the mechanics! It’s rather symbiotic to the piano; the rhythm, the logic. I love harmony, equality.

Petra: What are you passionate about in your life outside of the piano? And how did that start?

Anne: Philosophy, freedom, news - I’m an addict! Equal treatment of others, INCLUDING animals. My father owned a music shop in Normandy, France, and my mother was a dancer, so I was bound to find myself in some music space. But, actually, they just got sick of me hitting instruments, especially the piano, so they started getting me lessons from the age of 3, which I somewhat remember. I was pulled from school at 12 so that I could practice, perform, etc., and composition became my sole outlet. And in my downtime I would watch F1 and draw up books of pictures and analysis of it all. I even have Prost’s signature, as well as the head of GM’s from when I was 8. I think my parents were rather concerned.

Petra: Wow, that is a story. Do you still have these books?

Anne: I do! I'll show you next time you are over (Smiles).

Anne: So what about you? I understand you are German, is that right?

Petra: That’s correct. I grew up in the forest, it was so airy and free. My previous collections I think dealt with the restriction of the city, but I really wanted to show that transcendence is within us, and that core-self chill space can be created no matter where we are.

Anne: Of course! I miss the sea quite a lot. I can feel that you have nature here in the fabric - (she pats her dog) - this is why I have Yma; she keeps me grounded and connected.

Petra: She is beautiful! (She pats Yma, who half-smiles and walks away, not bothered by what’s going on).

Anne: Yes, there is nothing like it.

Petra: So, I've been given a few questions here to ask you, forgive me. Shoot my PR team.

Anne: (Laughs) No, not at all. I understand I can ask you a few as well...one for one?

Petra: Deal! Ok, here we go. As you know, EINE is German for ‘a woman’, and is all about women's lounge core-wear, which can be rather intimate and baring in part. So, what is feminine power for you?

Anne: Power to me as a woman is the ability to recognise one’s strength and weakness. Not to grow in a world where women should be more like men in order to show power. But to define a feminine form of power.

Petra: Thank you. When do you feel most empowered in your life?

Anne: I would like to say on stage. But actually, it’s knowing that I have the ability to heal through music, and having space to dream and forget about daily life.

Petra: What does modern feminism look like for you? How do you see the feminine role in society has evolved?

Anne: I think it’s still evolving. Maybe women will be able to truly be themselves without putting on a role inherited from the first-wave feminists. Not that I don’t value all they have done, but I do think women have suffered from this post-feminist era as well as gaining freedom. And now it is time to build upon this legacy. I wish women had the freedom to just be. There are still far too many codes in place.

Petra: I have read some articles about your performances; you are often referred to as being the one to watch of your generation. Refusing to wear ballgowns and being likely the most successful woman pianist composer in the UK and France. Do you feel this gives you power that maybe others don't have, or influence?

Anne: Sometimes I will be playing for nearly 22 hours straight, composing in a locked room for months. People see someone play the piano and have no idea how much practice goes into it. It is very lonely, but also other-worldly at times - euphoric. People who feel something, who come to me after concerts and tell me how it made them feel, how it changed their life - what they don't realise is, this changes my life. Everything I write is personal; it all is therapy to me and I am glad to be able to share that with others who can, as you say, also transcend through it. I have no choice in doing what I do. It’s all of me.

Petra: Thank you for opening up to us, it’s great to have met you. We are looking forward to hearing your upcoming album. My last two questions: what has been your biggest milestone so far, and is there anything you would like to share with us at EINE Woman?

Anne: Being signed by Faber was a big deal for me, as less than 5% of writers in the world are women, which is just...well...strange. This includes pop, rock, Adele, Beyoncé, etc. It’s a bit of a glass ceiling, to say the least. I want the world to be more open to classical music — traditionally it has been seen as for the wealthy and older generation and mainly I think because of accessibility with such high costs. I think this is something that needs to change.. Working with kids is amazing, especially looking at the beauty of raw music and writing with the younger generations.

Petra: (Leans down to pet Yma) Thanks for having me here, Anne.

Anne: Thank you for coming over, it was wonderful to just get to chat for a bit. And, of course, for the lovely new piece! It's just great! So comfortable. Like taking the BS out. I feel amazing.

Petra: You are more than welcome! I am glad you love it, and hope inspires you to vibe out on your next album!

Anne: (Laughs) I am sure it will. I don't think I'll take it off - well, I don't need to, do I?! Might have to be the next album cover! (Winks) Feels so good!

Petra: Look forward to hearing it, and to seeing you soon. 

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Photography: Paulo Ricca — Artist Media Agency
Art Direction: Nickque Patterson
Make-up: Elizabeth Arboleda